Protek was founded in 2007. It is a young, dynamic company specializing in pest control products for the home and home garden. The current range of product was carefully selected to cover the needs of the home owner, and also to ensure that the best product is available at affordable prices. We constantly review our list of products to ensure that newer and more update products replace dated ones.

All of the products marketed and distributed by Protek are registered in terms of the Fertilizers, Farm Feeds, Agricultural Remedies and Stock Remedies Act, 1947 (Act No. 36 of 1947). This law is in place to protect us and the environment and ensures that each product complies with a set standard.  

Protek has a complete range of:
– insecticides
– herbicides
– fungicides
– rodenticides
– fertilizers
– speciality products

35 thoughts on “About

  1. Zelna says:


    I live in Velddrif, West Coast, Western Cape. Please inform me where the closest business is that stock Protek products for flies and fleas.




  2. andre says:

    I can’t find detail of Servian on your website.
    Can you please send me all relevant information about this product please.

    Thank you.


  3. Rosslyn Hattingh says:

    I have a problem in my garden with termites. I live near Queenstown in the Eastern Cape. Could you give me the nearest place that I can purchase your product called Termite Stop?


    1. Mokgaotsi Harry Manoto says:

      Need your Price need to order few things and sent me the nearest store contacts im in Zeerust North West

      My name is Harry


      1. Hi,

        We don’t keep all the stores prices. Our stock is available from most leading hardware and nurseries. The co-op in Zeerust also stocks our products. You are welcome to phone our hotline if you require more info. 0861 PROTEK.



  4. Hi. Ek wil graag weet of Versus op LM en Kikuyu gras aangewend kan word en ook hoe lank dit vat voor die onkruid vrek. Ek het op LM gespuit drie dae terug maar die onkruid blyk ongedeerd.


    1. Hi,

      The residual action of the compounds are dependent on the active ingredient and also the crop being sprayed. It can be anything from three days to over 200 days.

      Feel free to contact our hotline if you would like to have a chat about it more.

      0861 PROTEK.



    1. Hi

      We do not give training unless you are a client or in our employment. If you would like to apply for temporary employment as a promoter you wpuld be welcome to. If successful with employment you will receive traini g on our range.




  5. Steven Molteno says:

    Stodels just sold me some Protek complete 350 SC for the gall mite on my aloes. But the enclosed leaflet has no information on dosage – only instructions for fruit trees and tomatoes!
    I can’t even find a general mixture rate on it, for ml/litre of water.
    Checked online and your wordpress site also recommends to use it for succulents, but again no information on dosage. BUT, on the same page you say we must be extremely careful to consult dosage rates before using, so I’m not sure what to do?
    Going back to Stodels to return the product tomorrow, but I thought I’d ask in the meantime in case there’s something I’m missing?


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